Link Wheel Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Web 2.0 property?
“Internet Property” refers to any web page and “Web 2.0″ is an interactive platform/system that gives internet a users lot of freedom to express themselves on the web in lots of ways using a large number of built-in tools.  Today, “Web 2.0″ has multiple platforms such has blogs, social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, photo/video sharing etc. But our main interest here is on the websites/platforms that allow us to create stand alone web pages.
How can you benefit from Web 2.0 for building links?
 Using Web 2.0 properties you will be able to build pages for your self on the internet and you can link all these pages back to your website. It is important that the pages that you are creating be related to your niche. Links from irrelevant websites are not so very useful. Links from pages with a high PR from a related niche will indeed be the best link for your website. When you make use of Web 2.0 to create your pages in a website with high PR, you can tap the link potential of that high PR platform. Combined with efficient SEO, your pages will get good positions in the search results pages. In time, your site will start growing on its own and this will further enhance the quality of the link wheel.
How long will it take for you to get results?
 Choosing larger packages you will be able to see faster results. Usually you will be able to see your rankings go higher within anywhere between one week to one month based on the existing competition level for your keywords.
 Due to the relevant and unique content we use, smart indexing and complex linking, even with the latest Google Panda And Penguin updates our link wheels are still viewed as natural / organic by Google and all other search engines. You can confidently hire us for our link wheel services. Our services are tested on 4,000+ websites and have never gone wrong. Our linkwheel is not only the most efficient link building strategy but it is also one of the safest and cheapest approaches to link building and search engine ranking.
What kind of assurance can I get for the money I spend?
 All the links that we build will be relevant, all the content that we submit will be highly relevant and unique, manually created using SEO expert writers. And the results will be seen almost instantly.
What payment methods do you accept?
 We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and most other credit / debit cards. All payments are processed securely by PayPal.
Are the links you build natural?
 Yes, all the links we build are 100% natural. We ensure that all the sites are hosted in different C-class servers and added to that, we create articles on a gradual basis. We make use of random linking to imitate natural link building pattern.
Will the content you create be unique?
 We have professional SEO writers who will create original content to use on your link wheel.
Is it possible to use the link wheel along with other SEO services?
 It is absolutely possible.
Am I allowed to target inner pages of my website?
Yes, it is absolutely possible to target the inner pages of your website too. It is totally up to you to choose the target URL.

If you still have more questions or you want more information about our services, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US !

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