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Our unique Affordable SEO link building service is inexpensive, effective, and easy to order and offer a high ROI!   For a low price you get our latest high quality backlink SEO strategies to boost your website ranking.  Our backlink building packages are easy to order with no long term commitment and no contracts.  We are FAST completing your SEO backlinks in as short as 7 days from ordering! Get the best backlink boosting results with our Link Wheel strategies and then boost your site even more with our other Tiered backlink, Link Pyramids, EDU, GOV, Wiki, Forum, and Blog backlink services.  Our backlink building services are an easy and inexpensive add-on to any SEO effort each providing a set of new 100% unique backlinks for your website.  The more you spend the bigger the boosting effect.  Buy backlinks and seo services from

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Our link building services are 100% safe and 100% off-site.  They require no access or changes to your website.  They employ all white hat SEO techniques.  All of our clients are enjoying long term ongoing search engine rank increases because our SEO backlinks are high quality and carefully constructed to be effective. We build all our Linkwheels and SEO articles manually, using various IP addresses, data centers, and totally random linking patterns which emulate a natural human internet user. Because of this and a few other closely held techniques we utilize, our high quality backlinks look natural to both humans and search engines and the risk of penalty is eliminated.

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Our Internationally viable Link Wheel strategy is proven to offer the best SERP (search engine results page) increase in the shortest amount of time and to safely maintain that ranking over time. This is all done externally without ever touching your website. This high efficiency is based on the fact that we build everything like a real person would, by hand: articles, web 2.0 sites, links, etc. Everything is high quality and that’s why the links we build have a greater impact on the SEO SERP rank results. We use a secret sauce combination of High PR and High DA links and Social Media Signals makes everything work faster and better, while preserving a natural link profile and keeping the links effective over time and increasing your website views.

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We provide link building service, SEO marketing and consulting for all website types FOR ALL LANGUAGES & ALL COUNTRIES.

And here’s why our clients love us

Brandon Cho

You guys are simply amazing. Hired 3 previous SEO’s so far and none of them managed to achieve any results. In 2 weeks, got me in the top 10 on Google! Freakin amazing!!

Joe Murphy

I first got one small linkwheel package for my brand new website. It worked fantastic and ever since i started using all of your seo products. Thanks!
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Dominate Your Niche

We have the expertise that allows us to offer you the upper hand in the search engines. We use cutting-edge strategies like next-gen Link Wheel design, advanced keyword selection, analyzing the top ranking sites in your niche and also your competitors and creating a winning strategy based on that analysis. At the same time we use various other website promotion strategies like social media marketing or content marketing – strategies which will help us rank your website at the very top of your niche, drive more targeted traffic, increase page views, and increase conversions into sales.

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Fast Keyword Ranking

Unlike many other SEO companies who keep using outdated methods to increase ranking, we are thinking outside the box and using newer, more efficient strategies that will get your website ranked at the top of major search engines. Our link building methods are 100% white hat – we are always up to date with the latest webmaster guidelines of all the major search engines – this guarantees that your website will never be penalized by any algorithmic or manual penalty that exists now or will exist in the future.

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Crush Your Competition

Link Wheel SEO link building packages provide you with the best types of backlinks, a great diversity of keywords and link types – all of them designed to look 100% natural in the eyes all major search engines – thus being able to provide extensive, long-lasting, safe and affordable SEO results to our clients and keep their websites on the first page of search engine results. And the best thing is that we are constantly improving and building our Link Wheels helps keep your website stay ranked much higher than your competitors.  Take advantage of all our link building packages for the best effect.

So What Is A LinkWheel In Search Engine Optimization?

The LinkWheel is a link building technique that is much more effictive than any other link building strategy and that’s the reason it was blocked by most search engines in the past. However we found a new way to do link wheels that mimics natural organic links and now you can use this technique for your websites. But why is it so much better than the other strategies?

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Some more of our customer reviews

Tara Hunter

I run a small fashion blog which didn’t get too much traffic. I bought a pro package from and traffic has doubled in less than one month!!! And the guys were so kind to give me some great SEO tips that helped me to further increase the ranking and get more traffic

Wayne Duncan

I was looking for a SEO company that would really provide results not just words and LinkWheel.Pro is that company! We first started with just one website and now, after 8 months, they are working successfully on all 5 of my websites. Love it!

LinkWheel Explained: An effective circular and tiered link pattern of high page rank web properties and private microsites and how is it different from all the other link building strategies?

This circular linking wheel strategy gets it’s name from creating multiple (10 or more) new blogs or mini websites for a particular niche and linking them together in a circular pattern. A web 2.0 linkwheel structure can consist of as many blogs/microsites as you want to create. Each one needs to have a unique 300-500 word article and this article should carry one link to your targeted (money) website and one link to any other microsite or blog that you have created for this structure. For more details, read the our ultimate guide.

Why this technique is highly effective is because of the fact that these blogs or microsites are created on high PR websites such as,, or high authority social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon or Youtube. These are some of those well-established websites which have high metrics like high Page Rank or high Domain Authority or Trust. And these attributes are of great value for your microsites. Furthermore, by interlinking the new blog and microsites together, we are building up the value of each of our backlinks. And we are not employing any kind of reciprocal linking or link exchange. So the value of your backlink juice is amplified and gets passed on, not only one site, but to all of them. In short, we are trying to create a network of interlinked microsites or blogs, each of which having a well written article (or more) targeted to your niche and this content will carry it’s power from high PR (page rank) sites to our link wheel of sites to your main website or URL via high value backlinks.

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Why are our Link Wheel backlink services the best value?

Linkwheel.Pro provides hiqh quality seo services and link building while always focusing on the client’s wants and needs. Thanks to powerful strategies and competitive prices, LinkWheel.Pro is a great solution for small local businesses as well as larger national or international companies who seek a higher search engine visibility.

Are you looking to buy backlink building services or packages for your website?  What makes LinkWheel.Pro’s next generation LINK WHEEL 2.0 so different and better than other link building seo services?

Unlike all other link building providers, we don’t use scraped articles which are then spun/rewritten with the help of a software. This leads to an article that’s not unique, not readable and in most cases, big parts of it have no meaning and that won’t help your keyword rank higher and there are very big chances that your blog/microsite content and link will be deleted for using low quality content – so you will lose the backlink, which means you will lose valuable link juice.

What we do is create an original article targeted to your niche and then manually spin/rewrite it so we get tens or hundreds of unique, readable versions which will rank high in the SERPS and because of that, get your money making site will rank higher as well. And because the content is high quality, the web properties that are holding your links will not get deleted which often happens with web properties that use spam-like robot created spun/unreadable/duplicate or otherwise garbage content.

Unlike most of the other SEO link service providers, we don’t use standard interlinking patterns which are clear proof of trying to manipulate the search engine rankings. We use totally random linking patterns so that all the sites link to your money site, but but also contains strategic links to each other. You can read more about the random linking patterns on our blog.

We don’t build our links with the help of bots or any other type of automation software. Any type of automation leaves a clear footprint for the search engine spyders to find and you will get penalized, sooner or later. That’s why we build all the links MANUALLY.

Our linking structures are natural. Yes, they not only look natural but everything about them is natural. We don’t build all the links fast, we use a mix of high authority and low authority websites and also we use a mix of dofollow/nofollow links with tens or hundreds of different anchors. This is how a normal link profile should look like and that’s what we’re using in order not raise any suspicions and not get penalized or even banned from the most valuable search engines out there like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Are Linkwheels White Hat Or Black Hat Seo?

Many savvy website owners who are looking to promote their services or products online will have this question on their mind: Aren’t linkwheels black hat SEO?  Didn’t I read somewhere that Linkwheels were no longer good?

First, many of those negative comments are from our competitors trying to steer you away from the magic of modern link wheels. Second, our Link Wheels 2.0 are proprietary and unique in their design.  They are not old school Link Wheels that were, at one point so effective, they were considered an exploit by Google.  Our Link Wheels designs comes from our many years of experience of safe SEO practices and take the most effective parts of link wheels, tiered link building, and private blog networks, and blend them into something even better.  Third, you need to understand that the chances of your website getting harmed through any PROPER off-page SEO are very minimal.

We have discovered that a properly built Link Wheel, with high quality content, totally random linking patterns, anchor variations and a mix of dofollow and no follow links, all built manually and having high quality second tier links will stand the test of time.  Properly built link wheels should help sustain you ranking through future search engine algorithm updates.

Moderation is the key no matter what type of link building SEO technique you apply to your website. If you are only using one strategy for your site link profile, your website might look suspicious so make sure to hit all major areas of SEO such as: keyword planning (find those low competition keywords), content (text, pictures & video), backlinks, technical (compression, minify javascript, SEO plugins, latest apps, etc).

So in order to make your website appear more natural, you should get backlinks from multiple resources because each will likely give you completely different and unique sets of backlinks. If you want to personally take part in building high quality links for your websites, buy some from providers like us, and make some of your own on ratings sites, directory listings sites, where you create an “owner” account for and can create a listing or advertisement on.

Changes are constantly required in the creation and maintenance of circular link networks and should be left to the experts. In fact, this is why the old classic method of link wheel building where you would link site 1 to site 2 or 5 and back to your site is no longer an effective method and obsolete.