Custom SEO servicesWhy Custom SEO services?

It often makes a lot of sense to leave it to the professionals especially if they are providing you a good return on your investment.  We can take all or part of your Website design and Internet marketing off your hands for a surprisingly low price.  Give us a chance to give you a free quote on custom SEO services.  We welcome end users as well as Web design or other internet marketing companies looking to outsource.  Our services list also makes a great SEO checklist for what are all the areas of a successful business website.

We offer the following Custom SEO Services:

Off-site SEO

  • Keyword and competitor research – What will be the most effective keywords to target for your market based on competition.  Choosing the right ones is a very important start. Google SEO and Bing SEO are carefully considered.
  • Trust – Is your site a trusted authority?  Are you on all the review sites with good reviews?  Do you have site badges that your site is safe?  All this increases your sales conversions.
  • Backlink building – Backlinks are a MUST for getting your site to rank.  Products like our Link Wheel, Wiki links, Forum posts, and Edu/Gov backlinks create a strong backlink profile, but you may also need to find other safe sources of backlinks or do them yourself to get your page rank up if you have strong competition.
  • Analytics & trending – Are you testing different messages, layouts, cart pages, pricing models, email marketing campaigns?  Often huge improvements to be made.
  • Competitor and keyword position tracking – Where do you stand versus your competitors?  What can you learn from their success and match or beat them?  Are you gaining or losing ground?
  • eMail list and newsletter management – The proper use of a mailing list (opt-in or previous customers) can be 50% or more of sales.  Understanding effective customer psychology and message quality are keys to success.
  • Social Media – Creation and/or management of Social media accounts to keep audience involved and increase leads.  Also sometimes it makes sense to buy some followers to get a head start.
  • Paid traffic – You can purchase traffic (quality leads) from high PR sites or networks of sites.  This is a monthly commitment, but can lead to HUGE traffic gains.
  • Local SEO – Do you have a physical location or store that you want traffic to?  Or provide a service to a local area at the customer location?  You need to invest heavily in a strong local search SEO profile by utilizing all local listings and directories (yellow pages, google local, yelp, angles list, etc).
  • Reputation management – This can be a big deal for some websites.  A few negative posts or articles that rank high for your company can be devastating.  Social media negative chatter as well.  These must be monitored and dealt with or you could suffer MASSIVE hits in traffic and sales.
  • PPC (Pay per click) – An increasingly dangerous territory.  If you aren’t tracking your sales funnel and conversions you can be upside down QUICKLY!  This is also an area of immense profit if done right.  If you know where you could spend $1,000 to get $10,000 profit would you do it!?  This can be the holy grail of marketing.

On-site SEO

  • Page content – Do you have the correct page titles, Headers, keyword ratio, meta descriptions, alt tags, pictures, videos, in the correct format and location?
  • Article writing – Do you need someone with creative and technical writing skills to write content or polish you existing content?  We got you covered.
  • Architecture – Do you have the best platform/CMS, mobile compatibility, tech (compression, database, minify javascript, etc) to improve your ranking and site speed.
  • Sitemaps – Do you have
  • Ecommerce – Are you using best cart or platform for your product?  Are you using all the features available now like rankings, Q&A, etc.  You can practically be your own mini Amazon at this point at a low price point.

Managed projects / contractors

  • Custom Website design (new projects, redesigns. and tune-ups) – From simple and effective wordpress + themes to fully custom.
  • Graphic Design – Get the wow factor for your website and logo that make you look like a hugely successful business by emulating the high end content of Fortune 100 companies at affordable prices.
  • Custom Programming – Just about anything you can imagine to get unique functionality that your website needs to automate so it can scale.  If you don’t automate you will forever slow down your growth potential.
  • Videos (Whiteboard animations, instructional videos, product reviews, etc) – These are amazing useful tools.  A picture speaks a thousand words, but video do so much more to get your message across and increase sales, conversions and traffic.

Take advantage of our access to the best contractors worldwide.  It takes time to sort the good from the bad and we’ve taken years to find the gems.  We professionally manage them from start to finish on your project.  There is a lot of talent out there that live in low cost of living locations that get you amazing results for a small investment.

Contact us for a FREE quote on custom SEO services or get a free no obligation website SEO audit.